Tire retreated

TGL Aviation Ltd.

TGL Aviation was founded in 1978. TGL is a leading enterprise providing retreated tires to the Air Force and commercial airlines, as well as to freight and bus companies.

TGL operates under a standard mark for retreated of truck and bus tires.
TGL is authorized by the American Aviation Administration FAA, the European Aviation Administration EASA and ISO 9001/2000 certified.

TGL retreated tires for trucks and buses, under an agreement with BRIDGESTONE (BANDAG process). The retreated vehicle tires are marketed in Israel exclusively through Hazav Trade (a sister company).

Tire renovation

What is the tire renovation?
A process in which a new tread is adapted and retreaded on a used tire to extend its life. Tire renovation is known virtually since the invention of the pneumatic tire in the early twentieth century. Global tire renovation industry accompanies the tire manufacturing industry as an independent product in the automotive and aviation industries.

Car tire renovation TGL Aviation, a sister company of Hazav Trade, is a franchisee of BRIDGESTONE (BANDAG process), the largest and most advanced company in the field of car tire renovation. TGL renovates tires for trucks and buses, while the marketing and sales are carried out through its sister company Hazav Trade.

Shearography TGL is the only tire renovator in Israel which is in possession of a shearography device. This device is a laser tire photography device.

Renovation’s advantages

  • The lowest cost per driving-kilometer investment.
  • Matching the profile that best suits the type of work such as general freight, off-road work and buses
  • Reliability – tires renovated by TGL are in compliance with a standard mark and the system of TGL is ISO9002certified
  • Environment – tire renovation is a recycling process in which the tire body is utilized to perform additional 2-3 life cycles

Tire renovation process is environmentally friendly.

Who’s the renovation purposed for?

The renovation is purposed for trucks owners, transport companies and bus and transportation companies.

Quality assurance via shearography

The strict quality control procedures required TGL to acquire shearography equipment. The shearography device is an apparatus the take pictures of the tire in multiple angles and intersections.
The pictures are taken using two laser cameras and can detect detachments in the tire’s layers of a size of 4 mm and up. Using this device, and in addition to the routine quality control procedures, one can virtually eliminate tire failure as a result of invisible damages in the the tire body at the pre-renovation stage.

Tire system management

Tire system management is a comprehensive program for the most efficient utilization of the tire’s life cycle, which includes three stages:
A. Purchasing a new tire B. Ongoing tire servicing
C. Tire recycling – renovation

Purchasing a new tire

The purchase of a new tire is a process in which the most suitable tire is selected as per the following criteria:
1. Type of vehicle

2. Its use – the nature of its work

3. Load – the total weight of the vehicle

4. Profile – the tread’s shape

5. Supplier – Agent

6. Warranty

There is no one tire suitable for all purposes.

Tire care

To get the most out of the tire there are rules to be followed:
1. Maintaining and monitoring correct inflation pressure

2. Correct removal and assembly

3. Checking the tire during its use

4. Checking retired tires

5. Removing the tires so that they will be suitable for renovation

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