Hazav specializes for several years in providing tire services and flat tire repair services for vehicle fleets nationwide through a carefully selected network of tire repair shops spread all acrossIsrael.

In addition we also established a call center operating 24 hours a day. The call center specializes in providing break down services, flat tire repair services, tire replacement and any additional services related to client’s tires. The primary function of the call center is to ensure that every vehicles subscribed with the service through the call center, will be treated in accordance with the working procedures agreed upon with the customer’s representatives through one of the authorized tire repair shops, and that the service provided meets the criteria set forth by Hazav or by the customer.

A professional representative (engineer by profession) on behalf of Hazav supervises the vehicle fleet of the customer, regularly monitors all relevant data related to the customer’s tire inventory, and using special software continuously monitors every tire belonging to the customer. The job of the representative appointed by Hazav also includes maintaining regular contact with the customer’s representatives regarding the tire maintenance policy as agreed between the parties, instructing and guiding the customer’s drivers regarding proper and safe maintenance of tires, and maintaining a communication channel between him and the customer’s representatives for the purpose of transferring information, data conclusions and actions relating to the customer’s tires.

The main objective of maintaining this collaboration between Hazav and the customer is optimizing the management of the customer’s tire inventory, while assuring efficient and safe driving that would yield, on the one hand, considerable savings in the costs relating to the tire inventory, and on the other hand, supply of new and retreated tires by Hazav.

The significant advantage of this type of cooperation with Hazav is in making our professional and marketing platform, as well as our expertise and extensive experience in the tire industry available for the customer, and in maintaining a common mechanism of learning and reaching conclusions for continued efficiency improvemnet.

The basic idea is to change the traditional concept by which we perform as a regular tire supplier, when in fact we become a kind of   business partners serving one purpose, which is saving costs relating to the tire inventory, while maintaining travel safety and continuity.

This type of relations must be carried out in complete mutual trust and it requires both parties to implement a policy of “open books” in terms of providing relevant information.